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Jan Nolan brings 24 years of private and public experience, in both the counseling/consulting/coaching and management fields, to her private coaching business. She is a Certified Life | Leadership Coach and Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker. Jan is committed to guiding and supporting people, as they stretch themselves to make meaningful, sustainable change in their personal and professional lives...changes they may be struggling to make on their own.  

Jan works with individuals, building a powerful alliance that encourages a structured, emotionally safe environment for receiving, interpreting, and acting on insights gained in private coaching sessions. She provides a platform for serious learning...enhancing awareness of values and beliefs, identifying areas of unique strengths and areas to grow. 

We are each a product of our own belief system

Our belief systems may, or may not, help create the life, the reality, that we want. Through coaching with Jan, a unique, non-judgmental partnership is created to make the desired shifts in thinking and behavior. Limiting beliefs, assumptions, and interpretations are all explored for their role in blocking the ability to initiate and maintain desired change (changes that have been considered for, maybe, years!).  

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