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Jan Nolan brings 24 years of private and public experience, in both management and the counseling/consulting/coaching field, to her private coaching business. She is a Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical, and Life | Corporate Coach. Jan is committed to guiding and supporting leaders, as they stretch themselves to make meaningful, sustainable change in their professional lives. 

Jan works with leaders, building a powerful alliance that encourages a structured, safe environment for receiving, interpreting, and acting on valuable feedback from 360s and discussions within the coach/leader partnership. She provides a platform for serious learning and heightened awareness, identifying areas of unique competencies and areas to grow. Limiting beliefs, assumptions, and interpretationsare all explored for their role in performance and employee engagement. Concrete, tactical plans for sustained growth, goal attainment, and organizational alignment are developed, unique to each leader and agency expectations

Jan will carefully assess the leader’s readiness and compatibility for coaching. Other areas that will be assessed and developed as needed include his/her; strength of motivation to improve, ability to create a vision of what success would look like for him/her, openness or resistance, ability to be honest and forthright with a coach, and ability to follow through with commitments made.

Coaching sessions may be held through telephone sessions, or in a confidential meeting space. As an alternative, sessions may be held at Jan Nolan’s office at 222 Bosley Avenue, Suite A-2, in Towson near the County Government Center. Sessions are scheduled weekly initially. Intervals between sessions may be modified based on structure of the action plan and leader’s progress. Unlimited emails are included in all coaching packages, along with one additional weekly telephone call.

The return on investment in Jan’s leadership coaching is revealed in a dynamic workplace, as leaders grow and model for others - better communications, openness to learning, professionalism, and the willingness and ability to adapt to continuous organizational and personal change.  

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